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    • nicholasw15

      How come there are no hybrids? Chocolate Rich Tea is not my personal cup of tea (ho ho!) but chocolate Hob Nobs always hit the spot! Under what criterion were Breakaways or Rocky Bars ruled out? Surely you do not consider them cakes. In addition there are no venerable British biscuits such as your classic Jammy Dodger. You madam, areafraud. This list isafraud and anyone reading it would have serious doubts about the longevity of the Empire. You’ve already sullied the list with some frankly plastic rubbish that the “Yankee Doodle Dandyees” refer to as “cookies” in the form of Oreos. Whatafarce.
      Awarning, young lady, once the barbarians north of the border find out there’s no Tunnock’s chocolate caramel wafer,Iwould not want to be in your shoes. Good day to you.

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