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Yao Ming Tries To Play Golf, Fails Spectacularly

It's all in the hips, Yao.

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Yao's no Michael Phelps yet, though. Golf is a cruel mistress.

Yao's a true seven footer, so the fact that his swing doesn't just look like a willow tree swaying in the wind is pretty impressive. There's seems to be a genuine, yet unrefined golfer inside that massive frame, a few instructional sessions with David Leadbetter and Yao could be breaking 80.

We've translated the commentary for you:

(Chinese Johnny Miller): "Yao Ming needs to get up-and-down from here for quadruple-bogey. Wind gusting in from behind his back. Not much in this, is there Dottie?"

(Chinese Dottie Pepper): "Johnny shut up we know you used to be really good at golf. Yao just missed the ball entirely."

(Chinese Johnny Miller): "And his playing partner comes over to fix the divot, I've never seen that before."

(Chinese Dottie Pepper): "Yao Ming doesn't fix divots."

(Chinese Johnny Miller): "He addressed the ball. That's a stroke. I'm counting that as a stroke."

(Chinese Dottie Pepper): "I hate you."


(h/t Geoff Shackleford via Business Insider)