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NASCAR Driver Touches Competitor's Wife's Ass, Doesn't Think It's Weird

Calm down, guys. DeLana's ass is just a good luck charm.

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Current NASCAR Sprint Cup champion and swashbuckler Tony Stewart has a special pre-race tradition. Pay close attention around the five-second mark.

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That was Tony Stewart approaching the rear of DeLana Harvick, wife of driver Kevin Harvick, and applying a playful goose. It's all good, Kevin was down with the goosing. The problem was, to the ESPN audience, it appeared that Tony Stewart had just sexually harassed a woman on live television, and there was a bit of an uproar.

Tony set the record straight today, though. It was allegedly just something he and DeLana do rather frequently, for good luck. Stewart and the Harvicks have made it an important tradition to grab each other's ass when given the opportunity, because oh what fun it is!

(via ESPN)

"I didn't even know anybody saw it. It wasn't something that was out of the normal for us. Kevin comes up and gets me, I get DeLana, DeLana gets both of us.... We've got a great friendship. It always makes her jump."

Right, that seems normal and healthy. For the record, it may have worked. Stewart finished sixth at Chicagoland in the opener of the Chase for the Sprint Cup, while Harvick came in 12th.

Here's a helpful GIF.

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