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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    This Is What It Looks Like A Split-Second Before A Charging College Football Player Snaps Your Leg

    Photographer Patrick Parton broke his leg when he was bowled over by Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel immediately after this photo was taken.

    Courtesy of Patrick Parton.

    Patrick Parton is a freelance photographer who was covering the University of Tennessee-Florida game September 15th, but this photo landed him in the hospital with a broken tibia and fibula. Tennessee linebacker A.J. Johnson, who weighs in at a svelte 240 pounds, knocked Flordia quarterback Jeff Driskel out of bounds -- and right into Parton. The players just hopped up and ran back on to the field, but eventually a Florida cheerleader coach saw Parton was in obvious pain and came over to help.

    Parton tells BuzzFeed he plans to return to the sidelines as soon as he heals.

    (h/t The Mountaineer)

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