The Weirdest Moments From Jeremy Lin’s Taiwanese Streetball Odyssey

Jeremy Lin went to Taiwan and conquered everybody.

Houston Rockets point guard and mega-icon Jeremy Lin was in Taiwan last week with David Lee of the Golden State Warriors, and they eventually had to scratch the basketball itch. So Lin made a video about his late-night escape to a local Taipei streetball court.

Some parts of the video were staged, some were organic. All were ridiculous.

2. Tired of hiding from the paparazzi, Jeremy grew weary of his Taipei hotel room.

3. So Jeremy woke up David Lee, because it’s time to BALL.

4. But how will a pair of NBA hoopers sneak past a crowd of nosy photographers?

5. A giant Hello Kitty head, of course. Taiwanese people won’t recognize David Lee anyway.

6. Undetected, J-Lin hopped in his whip and cruised to the Xinsheng Courts.

7. Linsanity ensued.

8. GAME TIME! The locals must have been thrilled to play amongst two NBA players.

9. What? Jeremy Lin and David Lee are on the same team against a bunch of teenagers? THAT’S NOT FAIR!

10. Seriously, David Lee just dunked all over everyone.

11. C’mon Jeremy, give the kids a chance.

12. Nope. Blowout. When former New York Knicks come to Taipei, they come to win.

13. At least Jeremy had some nice parting words for the crowd (which had grown immense).

14. He then lobbed his shoes like grenades into the crowd. This kid even got a spot on the news.

15. You can see the whole thing here.

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