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    The New York Rangers Published An Incredibly Demeaning "Girl's Guide To Watching Hockey"

    Gender stereotyping everywhere!

    In an effort to assist what the New York Rangers apparently perceive to be an uninformed female fanbase, the Rangers posted a "Girl's Guide to Watching the Rangers" on the Blueshirts United section of their official website today. The guide was written by a community contributor, but after fierce criticism in the comments section and on Twitter by female and male Rangers fans alike, it was yanked from the website less than 90 minutes after it was published. This is why:

    RULE 1: Every red-blooded male in the world loves sports, so girls better get used to it so the human race can survive.

    RULE 2: Don't bother asking men to explain everything to you, just have a vague understanding of the game.

    RULE 3: Try to learn some of the player's names to fit in.

    RULE 4: Henrik Lundqvist is your new personal savior.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Male Ranger fans will now likely allow you to watch along in their presence.

    Female Rangers fans were understandably disappointed.