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    Posted on Dec 7, 2012

    The Lakers Go To The Movies

    Pau Gasol cements his legacy as the Likable Laker, Kobe remains a dick.

    The Lakers had the night off on the road, so the team decided to catch a movie. Pau Gasol was almost giddy.

    They chose "Lincoln"! A classic, wholesome American tale.

    Some of the Lakers had trouble paying attention.

    Other Lakers, as Kobe Bryant pointed out today, were in over their heads.

    Kobe was apparently telling a joke.

    McMenamin seems pretty sure Kobe was sincerely joking, but it's sometimes hard to tell if a maniacal sociopath is joking or if he's just throwing his team under the bus again. After all, Kobe Bryant is a dick.

    At least Pau Gasol enjoyed himself.

    H/T Dave McMenamin.

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