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Rod Stewart Cried After Celtic Beat Barcelona In The Champions League

Which is nice, because I'm sure all of Scotland has cried listening to "Maggie May."

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To describe the difference between Barcelona and Celtic, you have to think in terms of an order of magnitude. Barcelona is, by all accounts, the best team in the world, and can afford to pay the highest player wages in world soccer, according to Forbes. No player at Celtic earns more than £1.5m a year, while the average wage at Barcelona is £100,000 per week. Barcelona has won three European Cups in the last decade, Celtic hasn't won a trophy outside of Scotland since the 1960s. But last night, at Celtic Park in Glasgow, the Hoops beat Barcelona 2-1 in one of the most shocking upsets in recent memory.

Rod Stewart, a die-hard Celtic fan, shed a few tears in the stands after the final whistle.


One of Celtic's goalscorers, 18-year-old Tony Watt, said it was "the best moment of my life, even better than losing my virginity."

Via Twitter: @BBC_MOTD

H/T Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle.

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