Ray Lewis Thinks The Story Linking Him To Banned Substances Is The Work Of The Devil

Start the Super Bowl already before Ray tackles a reporter.

Matt Slocum / AP

Ray Lewis has found himself in a bit of hot water this week after Sports Illustrated uncovered that Lewis was linked to a company that makes a product to assist athletes recovering from injury. Lewis reportedly called the company and ordered a spray made from deer antlers — which contains a banned peformance-enhancing supplement — just after he tore his triceps muscle in October. Lewis has summarily denied taking anything illegal, and attributed the timing of the story, just before the final game of his career, to some devil trickery.

Matt Slocum / AP

Ray…are you still talking about football and deer-antler spray? We’re talking about football and deer-antler spray. *slowly walks away without making sudden movements*

HT Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk

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