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    Posted on Dec 12, 2012

    Philadelphia's Bigfoot Andrew Bynum Is Now Rehabbing In A Strip Club

    Andrew Bynum takes his rehab seriously.

    Andrew Bynum, Philadelphia's Bigfoot, has been spotted in the Penthouse Club, a gentleman's establishment in northeast Philly. Crossing Broad found this photo of Bynum with hostess Rach, taken last night.


    The photo was posted to Instagram but has since been deleted.

    The girl who posted the photo, "Rach_Recklesss," gave a brief account of the evening's festivities.

    Bynum also has a message for Philadelphia fans who may be angry that he is being paid $16,100,000 this year to go to the Penthouse Club and take cherry noir Goose shots.

    At least he's taking shots of some kind.

    H/T Crossing Broad.

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