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    Coolest New College Basketball T-Shirt Will Raise Money To Aid Handicapped Students

    NC State adopts a new slogan to commemorate one of their biggest fans.

    N.C. State student Will Privette became a national sensation when he led the charge of students storming the court after NC State knocked off No. 1 Duke last Saturday.

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    Privette was quickly swallowed up by the mob of unruly State students, and had to be saved by forward CJ Leslie. The pair appeared on the Today Show this morning to tell their story, but NC State is now turning Privette's fearless rush into an officially licensed battle cry.

    You can buy official "Roll Pack" t-shirts on NC State's website. Two dollars of every purchase will go to "We Connect Now," a student organization that helps disabled students on campus.

    H/T @joeovies

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