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    Novak Djokovic Bought A Year's Supply Of The World's Most Expensive Cheese

    We're not Djoking.

    This is Pule, the world's most expensive cheese. Novak Djokovic just bought all of it.

    Novak Djokovic, the number-one tennis player in the world and budding restaurateur, bought the entire 2013 supply of Pule in order to supply his chain of Serbian restaurants. Pule is a white, crumbly Serbian cheese, which costs an astronomical £800 a kilogram, equivalent to $584 dollars per pound. Djokovic will sell the cheese at his Novak Cafe & Restaurant locations, which are spreading across Serbia.

    The cheese is made from the milk of a few select Balkan donkeys living on a nature reserve.

    According to the Phoenix New Times, the vast amount of milk required to make the cheese and the scarcity of the Balkan donkey contribute to the ridiculous price.

    Home to 100 Balkan donkeys, the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve along the Zasavica River produces a smoked donkey's milk cheese that they call ‘Pule.’ They swear the obscene price of the cheese directly correlates to the value of the milk, which makes sense since 1 kilogram of cheese requires 25 liters of milk.

    Here's a making-of video. WARNING: graphic milking ahead.

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    H/T The Sun.