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    J.R. Smith Just Compared Gay People To Jerry Sandusky

    Not a good idea.

    Brent Smith / Reuters

    New York Knicks swingman J.R. Smith likes to interact with his sizable Twitter following. Unfortunately, this often leads to behavior the Knicks would likely rather not see from J.R. Smith, like the time he tweeted out a photo of semi-nude woman. Today he might have earned himself a Twitter timeout.

    Smith first sent out this completely normal tweet.

    UCLA freshman Kyle Anderson baited him.

    Via Twitter: @KyleAnderson5

    "Pause" is basically equivalent to saying "no homo." It's meant to clear the air after something might be perceived as homosexual. Here's an example involving Spike Lee.

    Smith's response was baffling.

    Smith is using the hashtag #nosandusky as a synonym for #nohomo, suggesting that Jerry Sandusky is an indicative example of a gay person. He's also using the #nosandusky hashtag in general, which a hashtag that simply shouldn't exist.

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