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    How Twitter Would Fix The Broken Los Angeles Lakers

    12 surefire strategies.

    George Bridges/MCT

    The Los Angeles Lakers are in a bit of a tailspin, having lost five games in a row and six of the last seven. The immediate future isn't bright, with Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol out due to injuries. But fear not, Lakers fans! America is here to fix your team.

    ESPN got the ball rolling on Twitter, realizing that if Vinny Del Negro can coach the best team in the NBA, average fans might have some good ideas on how to fix the Lakers.

    Via Twitter: @aceito_boogie

    A viable strategy.

    Via Twitter: @107becc

    Well put.

    Via Twitter: @petty_humans

    Legal note: BuzzFeed Sports does not endorse a Lakers bounty program.

    Via Twitter: @MormonProbs


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