Even NBA Players Were Affected By The Gas Shortage

Andray Blatche apparently had no idea gas would be hard to find after Hurricane Sandy.

1. On Saturday the Brooklyn Nets won their first game of the season at home in the Barclays Center. Backup center Andray Blatche scored seven points in 15 minutes, and the Nets beat the Raptors 107-100.

2. After the game, Blatche hopped in his car and headed home, which is where the trouble began. He needed gas quick fast.

Perhaps in his intense preparation for the start of the season, Blatche happened to miss the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, which has resulted in crippling gas shortages and hours-long lines at the pump across the New York/New Jersey area. Simply put, you can’t find gas quick fast anywhere in the tristate area, Andray.

3. Somewhere in New Jersey, Blatche’s Rolls-Royce came to a sputtering halt.

Bummer, man.

Andray, do you know a hurricane just happened? Do you live in a hurricane bubble? You’re lucky you found gas. Also, if you’re complaining about $220 in gas, maybe you shouldn’t be driving a Rolls-Royce.

H/T Deadspin.

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