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    Cristiano Ronaldo Was Born For This Amazing 302-Goal Supercut

    Watch every one of Ronaldo's 302 club goals and try not to drool.

    Denis Doyle / Getty Images

    You know you're otherworldly soccer talent when a supercut of all the goals you've scored at the midpoint of your career takes an entire 18 minutes, but it's worth sticking around that long to simply bask in Cristiano Ronaldo's brilliance. He may not be the most spectacular player in the world, but he's without question the most spectacular scorer — whereas Lionel Messi breaks down a team with simple passing and finishing, Ronaldo does it all with panache. It's hard to pick out the best goal of his club career, simply because there's such a wealth of moments to choose from.

    Here's every one of Cristiano Ronaldo's 302 club goals.

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    Via Twitter: @soccer_ly

    Ronaldo turned 28 today. Here's to another 302 goals before he calls it quits.

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