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Snapchat Snack Pop Quiz

Hey how ya doin? Intro covered? Great, let's do this. So the other day I'm starvin like marvin and I got a plethera of options and me being the king of Snapchat and all i think "you know what now is a good time to snao this isht" so that's what I did - enjoy. Picture 1 comin at ya.....

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A. Meatloaf with peas & potatoes

Nick Lazio / Via Snapchat

Looks dope in B&W tho right? Idk why but it gave it a very "Alfred Hitchcock presents: The Twilight Zone" type feel that felt right for this quiz, righttt???

Next steps: Take a shot at guessing what I made, three options - nice and simple for ya A, B or C

Hold up......wait a minute......I just hit you in the head with an option A EXCLUSIVE (Dj voice when they introduce a new rap song) see below picture for details.....

B. Taco Salad with toppings

Nick Lazio / Via Snapchat

Solid option, not gonna say more than that (I'm not givin yall any hints)

Side note:

Guy from Brooklyn: Hey Joey Bag o'Donuts, you know the Brooklyn alphabet?

Guy From Jersey (JBoD): Heyyy ohhhhh, whatthefu*k you talkin bout guy, what Brooklyn alphabet? They got their own alphabet?

GFB: Yeahhhh you know the Brooklyn alphabet, fu*kin A, fu*kin B, fu*kin C.........the fu*kin Brookyln alphabet ya fu*k.

I only typed that out cause B is up next. and it reminded me of the BK alphabet....or should I say fu*kin B is up next? Either fu*kin way here's the 2nd fu*kin option......(sry for cursing mom! - mamadukes says it's unnattractive......she kind of has a point...)

C Pasta with mutz & tomatoes

Nick Lazio / Via Snapchat

See You Next Tuesday ( get my drift) - oddly enough I remember that from being like 10 years old and accidentally watching (in bits and pieces) a large portion of the entire Sex and the City series (and no I don't like guys - surprised? #TeamVagina).

Okay, I have to defend my manhood (on some macho/testosterone BS defense mechinism) - I love girls, love sex, love everything about the female anatomy, their pheromones alwyas have always will........yada yada yada (that's from Seinfeld right?)

Without further adieu, I present option C.......

Snapchat Snack Pop Quiz Countdown (thank microwave)

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What could it be????


It is most . I'll tell you that much.........take a guess.........I doubldoggydare you........

And the answer is.....

View this video on YouTube / Via Snapchat; Youtube

Is the suspense killing you? Are you dying to know what I ate? Couldn't care less? Kinda wanna punch me a little bit? Understandable, but please don't.

Here we go, I even filmed the answer for you to watch.....#yourewelcome

Food so good it had me feeling like the 6 god himself......#Drizzy

Nick Lazio / Via

God damn. You ever have food that is so incredible delicous with the combined factors of how hungry you are and how badly you wanted thatspecific food you made?

Add in the OCD factor of the food looking perfect (literally I arranged it perfectly: see next picture for picture evidence).

Well the food "had me feeling like the one again' - Drake. But really it had me feeling satisfied and full.

Finally, I got to eat

Nick Lazio / Via Snapchat

Got the new Galaxy S6 (gasp) goes all the IPhone users "you don't have an IPhone" then they proceed to look at you like you're an alien.

No. I do not have an IPhone. never had one, never will. Try the Galaxy for a week and I'd be genuinely surprised if you wanted to switch back to IPhone (but this really could be an entire post by itself.....hmmmm......)

The food was so damn good, props to my lil sis for making that dinner (i just reheated/arranged it perfectly for eating)

Food had me in a good mood.



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BONUS VIDEO (skip to 2:24 if you just wanna hear the one liner)

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Still wondering?

(Couldn't help it, such a catchy old roomie Ian knows what's up.......)

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