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19 Secrets Autistic People Will Never Tell You

"We may hear your question but choose not to answer." A writer with autism gives his perspective.

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2. It might look like we're being antisocial, but that doesn't mean you should ignore us.

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All we need is a little push into the right direction. If you always ignored the quiet people at parties, think how many great conversations you'd miss out on.


4. The idea that we lack empathy is nothing more than a misconception.

It's a common myth that people diagnosed with autism can't relate to other people. But that doesn't apply to all of us. And plenty of people who aren't autistic lack empathy too.

5. And if we do seem unsympathetic, you shouldn't take it personally.

Those of us who do struggle with empathy just find certain social situations slightly overwhelming. We're not trying to be rude; we just feel uncomfortable.

7. Like everyone else, we use our interests to find a sense of purpose. / Via

We often feel misunderstood and anxious that we don't have the same opportunities as others. That's why we take so much comfort in what we do.


8. There's no point comparing us to cultural figures who also have autism.

We can't all paint masterpieces in five seconds like Van Gogh. And we definitely can't all come up with life-changing theories like Einstein.

11. But some of us can struggle with sarcasm.

Most of us can take a lighthearted joke. But sarcasm can be really tough to appreciate. That doesn't mean you should call us out on it in public, though. If you think we misunderstood something you said, just drop it.


18. We don't like being told that we're not capable of doing things "normal people" can do.

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In fact, we're pretty confused by the word "normal", anyway. What does it actually mean?


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