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12 Signs You're At A College With The Hottest Guys

According to reviews from Niche's schools with the Hottest Guys.

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"Guys wear Sperrys and L.L.Bean boots, Polo, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, and Patagonia." / Via

These brands and fashions are the norm at this school that's nicknamed "J.Crew U."

"90 percent of the guys date 10 percent of the girls." / Via

When you're a dude at this Hottest Guys school in Utah, you can afford to be selective.

"If you don't work out, you must be hiding in your room 24/7." / Via

Bros care about maintaining their physical appearance at this oceanfront school in California.

"We were given the honor by Newsweek of being the most beautiful school, setting-wise and student-wise." / Via

They're sexy and they know it at this school in the Napa Valley.

"Guys look like they walked out of a Ralph Lauren catalog." / Via

The popular acronym for this Hottest Guys school could stand for "Undeniably Very Attractive."

"Most guys are out for a random (or recurring) hookup." / Via

Why settle down when you're at one of the hottest universities in the United States? (No joke—it literally gets pretty hot!)

"Most of the guys seem to take a lot of time getting ready."

"Some of the really good ones are already taken." / Via

The handsome ones never remain single very long at this Silicon Valley university, but the pool, volleyball court, and athletic events are great places to meet available ones before they get spoken for.

"A lot of bro-tanks." / Via

The guys at this A+ Athletics school hit the gym for a reason, right?

"Guys are very attractive, yet ass****s." / Via

Ladies love the bad boys, and this school in Florida's capital is a research university where you can study the hot ones.

"[The attractiveness] can be a little intimidating at first."

At one point, this Pennsylvania liberal arts university actually had a T-shirt with the phrase, "really, really, ridiculously good-looking."

"They're all taken by beautiful girls." / Via

There are lots of frat boys in "the Classic City" that seem to have lovely Southern belles on their arms.

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