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    10 "Paint The Rock" Traditions On College Campuses

    These campuses "rock"—literally. Here are 10 college campuses that have traditions revolving around huge slabs that spark devotion.

    The Spirit Rock at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach

    College Prowler / Via

    Student organizations go out in the middle of the night to paint this rock (typically something to represent their group), and only after 24 hours is another group allowed to paint over it.

    The Rock at the University of Tennessee Knoxville

    Flickr: universitytennessee / Via Flickr

    This particular piece of petrology has been around since the 1960s as a "canvas" for student messages.

    Dan's Rock at Frostburg State University

    Flickr stream: Leaun / Via Flickr: 88506501@N05

    According to the College Prowler guide to Frostburg State University, "Dan's Rock is where the college kids go to hang out. Everyone must 'graffiti' at least one rock during his or her college career."

    Painting the Rock at Northwestern University / Via College Prowler

    NU students paint this rock between University and Harris halls to advertise events or ideas. This particular rock commemorated the graduating class of 2009.

    Big rock by the Cedar River at Michigan State University

    Flickr: michiganstateu / Via Flickr Michigan State University

    According to a College Prowler student review: "At any moment throughout the year, you can be sure to look around campus and see about half the students sporting green and white." The same is the case with the popular rock on campus.

    Long-standing tradition of rock-painting excellence at Wilmington College

    Flickr: jstephenconn / Via Flickr

    According to a review in Local Atmosphere of the Wilmington College guide, "The city is very safe; there's hardly ever any major crimes"----including rock graffiti.

    Double the spirit at University of North Carolina Wilmington

    Flickr: asalexander / Via Flickr

    UNCW has two---count 'em---two spirit rocks. One is near the student recreation center and the other is in front of the Fisher University Union.

    A morale-boosting mineraloid at the University of Mary Washington

    Flickr: guster / Via Flickr

    In a student newspaper article from 2007, the spirit rock at University of Mary Washington was called, "an homage to diversity."

    Three gutsy glacial rocks at Oberlin College

    Flickr: mishaman61 / Via Flickr

    Three large rocks formed by glaciers from long ago are monuments from the classes of 1882, 1898, and in honor of the college founders. They are subject to regular graffiti, and even have their own website.

    Make your birthday rock at University of Texas - Dallas

    Flickr: ericejohnson / Via Flickr

    Per the University of Texas - Dallas College Prowler guide: "You need to bring your own paint and follow some rules, but if it's your birthday and no one cares, feel free to visit the rock and make your frustration known."

    Does your college have a campus rock tradition?

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