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10 Fun Facts About The Top 10 Colleges With The Smartest Girls

The girls---err, women!---in College Prowler's Smartest Girls ranking attend schools that just seem to grow intelligent ladies.

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9. Smith College celebrates a culinary genius on "Julia Child Day." / Via

Julia Child was an alumna of Smith, so to celebrate her, Smith dining services makes some of her recipes, which are served in all campus dining rooms for a day. The college has celebrated this event yearly since 2004.

8. Seniors at Agnes Scott College "ring the bell" in celebration of career opportunities. / Via

There is a bell tower in Main where seniors climb skinny ladder rungs in order to "ring the bell." If students across campus hear the bell ringing on Friday afternoons, they know it's because a senior has received job offers or has been accepted into graduate school (or both)!

7. Rice University annually holds the Sally Ride Science Festival to encourage girls to study science.

The festival features workshops led by scientists and engineers on how to support female interest in STEM studies.

4. Chicago is home of Bertha Palmer, businesswoman and inventor of the brownie. (University of Chicago) / Via

Bertha Palmer, wife of business mogul Potter Palmer, wanted a portable sweet snack for people at the Chicago World's Fair. Even sweeter---she was also an early member of the Chicago Woman's Club, which got together to discuss social problems and to develop solutions.

3. Who is "That" Girl at Wellesey College? / Via

"That" girl is known around Wellesley College as slang for the girl who either does all the class reading three weeks ahead of time or who doesn't do the reading but spouts off in class anyway. She's a regular in office hours, on FirstClass (particularly Community), and in campus organizations.

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