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10 Colleges Where Students Are Doing Intramurals Right

These schools may not have made College Prowler's Top 10 Best Colleges for Intramural Sports, but they definitely get A's for originality.

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UC Irvine breaks largest dodgeball game record / Via

UC Irvine students love to break records! In 2013, they broke one for largest water-blaster battle.

Human Hamster Ball at University of Virginia / Via

Human hamster balling is also known as Zorbing.

Hula Hoop girl at Virginia Commonwealth University / Via

Sometimes, you'd just rather play an "inter"-mural sport.

Unicycling at Harvey Mudd College

Cup stacking at Duke University / Via

At the 2013 convocation welcoming students, this student got singled out by the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions for her cup-stacking skills.

Ladies' arm wrestling at Syracuse University

View this video on YouTube / Via

When wrestling, the ladies dress up in costumes, like "Michelle Obamer."

Joggling at Carthage College / Via

This Carthage College student put joggling on the map (a cross between jogging and juggling).

Rock-paper-scissors at Macalester College / Via

Rock-paper-scissors is just the beginning. "I was on a disco-themed dodgeball team," says one student review on Macalester's Athletics page.

Bicycle polo at Purdue University / Via

It's exactly as it sounds: polo on a bike. This sport is growing so much in popularity that a Ph.D. student helped establish the Bicycle Lafayette Club.

Underwater hockey at Cornell University / Via

Unlike ice hockey, a fin to the face is common.

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