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  • Gorgeous Illustrated Divas

    Drawing gorgeous yet unique divas in digital art is always a difficult job but great artists always inspires us with their skills. Design Fahai has selectively picked some pretty girls illustrations that deserve your appreciation.

  • Microsoft Unveils Windows 8

    According to the company, Windows 8 has been redesigned “from the chipset to the experience” and now boots up in a much shorter time than its predecessor, Windows 7.

  • Jon Stewart Rips Media For Manufacturing Obama ‘Speechgate’ (Video)

    In the awesome video below, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, rips the media for manufacturing the very idea of “speechgate.” In case you haven’t heard about speechgate yet, it all revolves around President Obama moving a speech on jobs from Wednesday night to Thursday night because a Republican debate was already scheduled for Wednesday. Pretty small detail, right? Wait until you see how some members of the media ran with it in the video below, and then watch Stewart tear them apart like only he can.

  • Worst Sorority Recruitment Rap Video

    This awfully performed parody (and I am not over exaggerating) was made by the Rush Week, University of Alabama Panhellenic Association. In the YouTube video shared by gr33kliff you will find a dreadful parody of Lil Wayne’s, “Look at Me Now” and that of Rebecca Black’s sensational (well it did create a frenzy over YouTube) “Friday”. The audio is just as wonky as the video. I wonder why someone would put something like this up to promote a sorority club! MORE

  • Creepy Cat Walking Video

    Seriously what is up with these cats? Just a few days ago there was Igor , the walking cat video and now another has surfaced on YouTube , shared by DarkoMFS. In this video a pretty white cat enters the frame hoping across it till it vanishes out of sight. And then it reappears only to mimic the Halloween Cat pose, like Igor and then walk on its hind paws twisting its front paws in a very creepy fashion. Wonder what is scaring these cats so much. MORE

  • The Effects Of Thumping Mega Bass On Your Hair (Video)

    This is definitely not for hair trimmed to an inch all over. Well, on second thought, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to try this out either, unless you want permanent damage to your hearing. Check out this clip – and what the thumping bass from the red truck does to the long locks of this girl. All 40,000 watts rms of it! MORE

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