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A Definitive Ranking Of The 22 Sexiest Muppets That Ever Lived

Seriously, who doesn't want a piece of Rizzo the Rat?

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22. Camilla the Chicken

Why she's sexy: It's no surprise why Gonzo is head over heels for Camilla. It's so hard for anyone to resist her spunky ass attitude, those killer eyelashes, and her mad dancing skills. She's literally one badass chicken. You go, girl.

21. Pepe

Why he's sexy: Watch out, Casanova. Pepe is here and ready to take all the ladies by storm. He's the King Prawn and also the #1 silver-tongued crustacean in town. Take note: there are no limits to what Pepe can do with his four arms. Let your imagination go wild.

19. Floyd Pepper

Why he's sexy: What's hotter than a bass player? Nothing, obviously. Besides impressing you with his brilliant music skills, Floyd will recite the best poetry to you while showing off his massive record collection.


17. Dr. Teeth

Why he's sexy: Obviously the best part about Dr. Teeth is his irresistible smile. He totally knows what he's doing to all of us each time he opens his mouth. This keyboard playing sex machine will take you to pleasure town in no time.

16. Janice

Why she's sexy: There's no other woman like her. She's chill, down-to-earth, and will cook up some radical meals when she's not busy playing lead guitar for the Electric Mayhem. Are you all ready to rock out? 'Cause we are.

15. Bobo the Bear

Why he's sexy: Bobo will definitely protect you against all the haters in your life. You'll have one hell of a cuddle partner (like seriously) and he'll constantly be trying to woo you off your feet with flowers and some delicious honey. He’s a clumsy ball of fluff that you'll fall in love with in seconds.


14. Walter

Why he's sexy: Walter is cute as hell and can relate to all of the nerdy twentysomethings out there. He can wear a sweater vest like no other Muppet, and he will whistle sweet tunes into your ears at all times of the day.

13. Rizzo the Rat

Why he's sexy: Rizzo's perfect sense of humor is what makes him so hot. If you're having a bad day or need a few laughs, Rizzo is your go-to rat for shits and giggles. His ~sensitive side~ is certain to attract all the ladies wherever he goes.

12. Sweetums

Why he's sexy: Sweetums is the manliest Muppet you'll ever meet. His gigantic size will put most Muppets and humans to shame. No one else is going to be able to sweep you off your feet and whisk you off into the sunset.

11. The Swedish Chef

Why he's sexy: "Børk! Børk! Børk!" The Swedish Chef has all the right ingredients to be the perfect man. What's sexier than a Muppet that can even cook you a meal Gordon Ramsay would approve of? Side note: he must be really good with his hands if he can create delicious concoctions on the spot.


10. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Why he's sexy: Here's even more proof that Muppets with glasses are seriously hot as hell. It's not all about the looks, Honeydew knows how to push the buttons and turn on anyone with his delicious brain. Feel free to experiment on us anytime.

8. Beaker

Why he's sexy: Yes, Beaker may be nervous and a bit shy from time to time, but it’s also safe to say that his energy is quite explosive (aka he's a total jackhammer in the bedroom). Here's hoping he's up for some roleplaying.

7. Statler and Waldorf

Why they're sexy: Deep inside we're all Statler and Waldorf, which is what makes them so appealing. Their sass levels are always high, they don't give two flying fucks about anything, and obviously they're never afraid to be brutally honest. They're the perfect duo for anyone who likes older men and doesn't mind a little ~group exploration~.


6. Gonzo

Why he's sexy: "Gonzo The Great" is a true artist and isn't afraid to take risks between the sheets. If his nose is any indication of what lies below the pants, you should definitely fasten your seatbelt because you're in for a bumpy night.

5. Fozzie the Bear

Why he's sexy: Waka, waka... helloooooo, Fozzie. His jokes may be a little corny, but that doesn't mean he falls flat behind closed doors. If you tickle him in the right spot, he'll be sure to return the favor because he's always eager to please.

4. Rowlf the Dog

Why he's sexy: Step aside, Elton John— there’s a new dog in town, and his name is Rowlf. This piano player is ready to cause a ruckus in the sheets with his incredibly talented fingers. Whatever music you're in the mood for, he can totally deliver.

3. Sam the Eagle

Why he's sexy: It's true, Sam the Eagle is a national sex symbol. It's no surprise that he looks so angry all the time— he has all of that hot responsibility to carry on his shoulders. America wouldn't be the same without him.

2. Miss Piggy

Why she's sexy: Miss Piggy is fashionable, ultra sassy, and super smart. She's also very ~flexible~ and well versed in the ways of karate... which means she's not afraid to kick ass along her way to stardom. Make way, Hollywood.

1. Kermit the Frog

Why he's the sexiest: Kermit knows how to balance charm, wit, and his musical talents to become the most flawless Muppet on the planet. "Some people seem to think I'm the hottest Muppet of all time, but that's none of my business." – Kermit the Frog.