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22 Things All Greek Americans Experienced In Their Childhood

*Zorba the Greek plays in the distance*

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1. When you were always in the front to watch the parade on Greek Independence Day.

2. When you got more gifts on your Name Day than you ever did for Christmas and birthdays combined.

3. When you were in Church and couldn't take your eyes off the mesmerizing iconography on the ceilings.

4. When you met with your massive family nearly every Sunday after service for a delicious feast.

5. When your Yia-Yia and Pappou came to visit you from Greece and you got to spend some quality time with your best friends.

6. When you were more excited to attend Greek School on a Saturday as opposed to regular school on a weekday.

7. When you could never escape teachers mispronouncing your unique name.

If I had a dollar every time someone mispronounced my last name

8. When there was never a shortage of Koulourakia in the kitchen.

9. When no Easter was complete without a gigantic lamb roasting in the backyard.

10. When your parents covered your countertops with Pastitsio and Spanakopita during the Holiday season.

11. When you miraculously got the coin in the Vasilopita on New Years.

12. When you were traveling and got way too excited about running into a stranger who was potentially Greek.

13. When your family talked about all of the famous Greeks and you were constantly reminded of John Stamos' beauty.

Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty

14. When your parents had a delicious glass of Greek Frappé waiting for you after did all of your chores.

15. When you were a part of GOYA and got to kick some major ass for your church in different sports almost every week.

Last Richmond GOYA tournament with one of my best friends ever @eva__kat #greek #dealwithit

16. When you spent hours learning all of the best Greek folk dances as a child.

17. When you knew there was a Greek festival approaching because you saw people setting up your favorite attractions in the church parking lot.

18. When you got to volunteer at the same festival, which meant even more quality bonding time between you and your relatives.

19. When you lost count of all the evil eye jewelry you owned because you were always getting new ones from your family.

20. When only the best Greek folk music blared through your home at all hours of the day.

21. When you went to so many Greek weddings that you forgot other people do celebrations differently.

22. And when you visited Greece and had the opportunity to see where your relatives once lived many years ago.

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