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16 Amusing Goat Vines That Will Brighten Your Day

Are you ready to be amazed?

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1. These goats that are way too excited to see you.

2. This goat that is going to be the next rapping sensation.

3. This goat that should probably get a career as a DJ.

4. This goat that should audition for The Voice ASAP.

5. This goat that can't handle all the sick beats being thrown around.

6. This goat that loves to defy everyone.

7. This goat that doesn't really know what's going on anymore.

8. This goat that doesn't let ANYONE push him around.

9. This goat that has some serious rage issues.

10. This goat that doesn't make sense when he's speaking.

11. This goat that doesn't mind being a little different.

12. These goats that are just going with the flow.

13. This goat that is ready to cause a ruckus.

14. This goat that doesn't even know how to walk.

15. This goat that hates when people touch him.

16. And this baby goat that is just happy to be here.

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