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    19 Moments You Knew You Were Addicted To TCM

    A night with Turner Classic Movies = the perfect date.

    1. When you couldn't start your morning until you checked the film line up for the rest of the day.

    2. Realizing Robert Osborne is the only person you looked forward to seeing after a long day at work.

    3. When 31 Days of Oscar was single-handedly your favorite time of the year.

    4. When you attended every TCM Classic Film Festival.

    5. When you were uncontrollably happy over your favorite Old Hollywood actor being crowned TCM's Star of the Month.

    6. When you realized August was your favorite month thanks to Summer Under The Stars.

    7. When you cleared your ENTIRE schedule on a Saturday night because Robert Osborne returned with a special guest for The Essentials.

    8. When you referred to every Sunday as Silent Sunday.

    9. When you spent an entire paycheck on swag from the online store.

    10. When you eagerly awaited the newest edition of the Now Playing magazine every month.

    The best day of the month tends to be when the @tcm Now Playing magazine arrives

    You finished the crossword puzzle almost immediately after receiving it in the mail.

    11. And when you became a devoted member of the Classic Film Union.

    It's better than Tumblr tbh.

    12. When you never missed a TCM party on twitter.

    This is the best day of my life. #TCMParty

    #TCMParty 4 life.

    13. When you realize you've seen every episode of Moguls and Movie Stars.

    14. When your DVR was completely out of space because of all the TCM recordings.

    So I'm ready for a Quintuple Feature on @tcm tomorrow morning. ;-) well DVR anyway

    You had to watch a bunch of older recordings in a short amount of time just so you could record more.

    15. When you cherished Robert Osborne's introductions before each film because it exposed you to so much knowledge about movie history.

    View this video on YouTube

    TCM / Via

    Robert Osborne's introductions > film school.

    16. When TCM joined forces with Disney for The Great Movie Ride and it was one of the most important unions of your life.

    17. When you actually found yourself enjoying the "commercials" that played between each feature on TCM.

    View this video on YouTube

    TCM / Via

    Their film montages were ALWAYS on point. Play it again, Sam.

    18. When you still sat and watched a film on TCM even though you've seen it at least a dozen times.

    19. When you went as far as getting your pets to watch your beloved films with you.

    And no matter how hard you tried to watch other channels, you always found yourself going back to TCM.