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19 Things That Are Basically Porn To Introverts

Ahh, yes... silence.

1. When you come home from a long day and discover you have the entire house to yourself.

2. When you're able to order online from a restaurant without interacting with a single person.

Miracle of miracles. The less interaction with people, the better.

3. When a party that you've been dreading to go to gets cancelled at the last minute.

4. When someone actually texts you a question instead of calling.

5. When you're forced to make a dreaded phone call and then it goes directly to voicemail.

*Prepares speech for voicemail just in case no one answers*

6. When no one tries to talk to you while you're using public transportation.

7. When you get your monthly haircut and the hairstylist doesn't ask for your life story.

LRT: They need to invent a way for introverts to get haircuts without having to talk to anyone.

8. When the professor doesn’t ask for introductions on the first day of class.

9. When no one asks you to hang out over the weekend.

10. When you find someone to hang out with that also appreciates the sound of silence.

11. When you make it through an entire work meeting without having to say one word.

12. When your teacher says you don’t have to work in groups for an assignment.

13. When you're totally crushing on someone and they initiate the conversation first so you don't have to.

Haven't we all been there?! #RoyalRumble #TalkTalk #socialmedia #talktoday #introvertproblems #FriendshipGoals

14. When you're able to finish a task without anyone interrupting you.

15. When you find what you’re looking for in the store without having to ask an employee for help.

Times I hate being an introvert: Christmas shopping. "Can I help you?!?!" -No

16. When you decide to go to the cinema alone and you're the only one in the theater.

17. When your friend totally buys your made up excuse to ditch their social gathering.

18. When you're driving alone in your car to and from work.

19. And when you get a chance to write down all of your endless thoughts in your journal at the end of the day.

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