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17 Awkward Moments That Terrify Every Shy Person

Please stop looking at me.

1. When you start a new job and have to introduce yourself to dozens of new people.

2. When a professor assigns you a partner you’ve never talked to for an assignment.

3. When you finally decide to answer a question in class and no one can hear you because you didn't speak up.

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4. When you're put on the spot during a meeting and struggle to find the proper words to express yourself.

5. When someone talks to you unexpectedly and you can't hide the fact that your cheeks are blushing.

Cartoon Network / Via

6. When you're on the phone with someone and don't know how to handle pauses in the conversation.

DreamWorks / Via

7. When you fumble over your words while leaving a voicemail because you didn't mentally prepare yourself.

FOX / Via

8. When you finally get the courage to speak up in a group conversation and someone interrupts you.

9. When you’re with a close friend but they bring someone you don’t know along to hang out.

Paramount / Via

10. When you're forced to smile and act like everyone singing "Happy Birthday" on your birthday isn't completely excruciating.

11. When you accidentally make eye contact with someone while you’re out running errands.

12. When you're waiting for other people to go inside an empty store so you don't have to be in there alone.

13. When you try to talk to your crush but immediately freeze when you get close to them.

14. When you're forced to be a part of an ice breaker game and can't come up with an interesting fact about yourself on the spot.

15. When people constantly ask why you're so quiet and you never know how to answer them.

Studio Pierrot / Via

16. When a co-worker jumps into the elevator at the last minute and tries to make small talk with you.

Warner Bros / Via

17. And when you're at a party with the only friend you know but they leave you to mingle.

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