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    21 Of The Finest Butts In Art History

    Baby got back. H/T arthistorybutts.

    It's time to shine light on one of the most underappreciated aspects in art history: all of the ~delicious~ butts.

    1. This butt that is perfectly muscular and will definitely give you something to grab on to.

    Annibale Carracci / Via

    2. These two butts that are literally causing a riot because people can't handle their intensity.

    Cornelis van Haarlem / Via

    I mean, that dude fainted because he was so impressed.

    Cornelis van Haarlem / Via

    3. These exceptionally large butt cheeks that could seriously take the twerking world by storm.

    It's definitely putting Kim Kardashian's butt to shame.

    4. This extra juicy butt making you question your existence.

    Jacob van Loo / Via

    5. This delicate booty that you're just dying to reach out and touch.

    Giambologna / Via

    C'mon... just give it a little squeeze.

    6. This bodacious booty making us all want to go to the gym so we can achieve greatness.

    Pál Fried / Via

    7. This rear you’re thinking of pinching to see how firm it is.

    8. This butt that is making everyone around it super thirsty.

    William Etty / Via

    9. This Godly behind serving as a great example of what every backside should look like.

    Louis Charles Auguste Couder / Via

    Even the other dude is shocked at how fine it is.

    10. This splendid butt that you could literally stare at all day.

    Egon Schiele / Via

    Look back at it.

    11. This derrière making you wonder just how many squats were done to make it look so damn fine.

    12. This ass that is celebrated for its irresistible tightness.

    William Adolphe Bouguereau / Via

    13. This apple-shaped bum that you wouldn't mind taking a bite of.

    Henri Matisse / Via

    I bet it's delicious.

    14. These bootylicious derrières not afraid to get all up in your face.


    Guy Rose


    Gustave Courbet

    15. This butt definitely defying gravity.

    William Adolphe Bouguereau / Via

    Those people just can't resist the all powerful booty.

    16. This glorious badonkadonk that will never need to use another seat cushion.

    Peter Paul Rubens / Via

    Hot damn.

    17. This bubble butt that you wouldn't mind tappin'.

    Raphael / Via

    Sir Mix-a-Lot would approve.

    18. This first-rate gluteus maximus that has never touched a pair of clothes.

    Jean Frederic Bazille / Via

    19. This butt that is so smooth even Cupid wants a piece of it.

    Leon Gerome / Via

    You can look but don't touch.

    20. This butt blessing us all with it's perfectly round buns of steel.

    Donatello / Via

    21. And these majestical butts making us all want to dance around in the nude.

    William-Adolphe Bouguereau / Via

    You can check out more art history behinds here.

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