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19 Times Your Internet Creeping Was Out Of Control


1. When you lost count of how many times you looked at someone's Facebook page throughout the day.

Cartoon Network / Via

You know, just so see what they were up to...

2. When you scrolled through someone's Instagram and accidentally double tapped a photo from two years ago.

CBS / Via

You wondered if they had push notifications on, so you liked even more photos because it was already too late.

3. And when you went so far that you ended up on the first photo they've ever taken.

Disney / Via

Well this is... interesting.

4. When you started creeping on people you've never met after they were tagged in your crush's photo.

5. When you recognized someone in public and realized it was only because you Facebook stalked them.

Nickelodeon / Via

6. When you put your LinkedIn on private so you could anonymously judge the resumes of all your future dates.

7. When you already knew your date's life story because you spent the whole day stalking their Facebook feed.

NBC / Via

You had to pretend to seem interested in what their likes/dislikes were, even though you basically had them figured out.

8. And when you didn't follow them on Twitter, but still checked what tweets they favorited.

Magnet Releasing / Via

9. When you monitored someone's Facebook check-ins so you could "accidentally" bump into them when you were out running errands.

CBS / Via

OMG, no way. It's so ~funny~ to see you here!

10. When you made separate social media accounts solely for creeping purposes.

NBC / Via

11. When you started officially dating someone and went through all of their immediate family's Facebook accounts.

Warner Bros / Via

Then just decided to go full out and creep their cousins, second cousins, fuck it – whole family.

12. And when you read through months of their Tumblr posts to see if they mentioned you on the day you started dating.

13. When you found that cute kid from class on Facebook and saved a few of their profile pictures to your phone.

Tyler, The Creator / Via

14. When it filled you with rage when your crush set their social media accounts to private because you desperately needed to know what they were up to.

NBC / Via

15. And when you repeatedly checked back to see if they happened to switch their profiles to public again.

Cartoon Network / Via

16. When you were about to start a new job and dug deep into the Facebook search engine to find your soon-to-be co-workers.

"Hi, I'm John! Nice to meet you."

*I know*

17. When you discovered your ex had a new S.O. and you started monitoring their tagged pictures on Instagram.

A&E / Via

18. When you secretly signed in to your bestie's Facebook account just so you could fully creep someone you weren't friends with.

19. And when your friend never responded to your text, but you knew they were on their phone because you checked their activity on Insta.

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