19 Aggravating Realities About Parking In LA

To say the struggle was real would be an understatement.

1. When you manage to find a decent parking spot in Culver City but for the love of God can’t decipher the meaning behind the street signs.

So… I can park here for an hour… after 6? Or before 6? Wait — it says any time after midnight… but I also have a permit… I feel like I’m missing something here.

2. When you want to go to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday and get trapped in the seventh circle of Hell.

3. When you want to try a new restaurant on Sunset Boulevard but the only parking available is valet.

You end up spending more money on parking than the actual dinner.

4. Or when you want to hit up Venice for a relaxing beach day and need to take out money from your savings just to park.

And people frown at me when I tell them I don’t go to the beach anymore.

5. When you avoid spending the night at someone’s house because you don’t know the parking rules for their neighborhood.

6. When you brave any garage in West Hollywood and 80% of the parking is reserved for electric cars.

Is this what we have to look forward to in the future?

7. When you accidentally lose track of time and don’t pay your parking ticket when it’s due.

And then the parking enforcement tracks you down.

8. When you think you can get away with having just one tire on the red zone and find out no one is exempt from getting towed.

But… look at how nice my car is! Can I write you a check to get out of this, or…?

9. When you get stuck in a parking lot traffic jam after EVERY Dodgers game.

Welcome to LA!

10. When the rent for your apartment is ridiculously cheap but only offers street parking.

And the closest spot you can find is always more than three blocks away.

11. When you can’t even manage to fit your compact car in a “compact” parking spot.

By compact do you mean… bicycle parking?

12. When you recoil in fear at the sight of a ticket on your car knowing that you’re going to need at least $65 to cover the fees.

I have a funny feeling that someone is using the Eye of Mordor to run the parking enforcement in LA.

13. When you’re running back to the meter because you forgot to put more change in it after an hour.

*Chariots of Fire theme song plays in distance*

14. Or when you end up putting two hours worth of coins into a parking meter and later find out that it was broken.

You’re never going to get those precious quarters back.

15. When you try to escape the depths of a parking garage and the line for the ticket payment goes through the entire structure.

And it’s because there’s ALWAYS that one person who forgets to pay their ticket before getting back to their car.

16. When you have to face your deepest nightmares and parallel park into the tightest spot you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

No wonder there are so many damn scratches on your bumper.

17. When the only conversations you have with your LA friends consists of the struggles of trying to find parking.

Living in LA means devoting 15 minutes of your conversation to where everybody found parking.

— Neil McNeil (@Neil_McNeil)

18. When five minutes was never enough time to run into CVS for some Advil.

It would’ve taken me five minutes, but there was only one cashier and the woman in front of me decided to use a months worth of coupons.

19. And when you realize the only thing you yearn for in life anymore is for a proper parking lot in Los Angeles.

You don't appreciate parking lots until you drive in LA

— Lindsey Hughes (@beautybaby44)

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