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15 Animals That Should Have Paid Attention

Focus up, you adorable animals! And pay attention when you're on the road, because if you're texting, you're not driving.

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1. This cat, who completely forgot about the laws of gravity:

Level of focus: kid in a candy store.

2. This pup, who may not have read the instructions:

Level of focus: bees at a flower show.

3. This bunny, who was just having a killer carrot daydream:

Level of focus: two celebrity sightings at once.

4. This cat, who is too thirsty to to keep track of that stream: / Via

Level of focus: accidentally ending up in a flash mob.

5. This ferret, who didn't plan that escape as smoothly as usual: / Via

Level of focus: post-Bigfoot sighting panic.

6. This pup, who is completely ignoring the dangers of interrupting a catnap:

Level of focus: room full of kindergarteners after snack time.

7. This bird, who didn't realize how deep that cup would be:

Level of focus: a bird.

8. This corgi pup, who forgot to get the rest of his body on that table:

Animal Planet / Via

Level of focus: getting out of your seat after eating all the turkey dinner.

9. This elephant, who hasn't quite figured out the difference between a stump and a tree:

Level of focus: running out of coffee in the morning.

10. This dog, who forgot to check his surroundings: / Via

Level of focus: your best friend after you say they can have the rest of your pizza.

11. This manatee, who fell for the oldest trick in the book: / Via

Level of focus: when your favorite song plays on the radio.

12. This cat, who ignored all physical limitations of that chair:

Level of focus: any/every dream.

13. This corgi, who didn't watch where he was going:

Level of focus: dancing in da club after 2 a.m.

14. This penguin, who was too hungry to pay attention:

Level of focus: lunch after you skipped breakfast.

15. This puppy, who didn't keep his eye on the ball: / Via

Level of focus: UFO sighting.

U Drive. U Text. U Pay. Because if you're texting, you're not driving.