25 Ways You Know You Go To Guelph

Only the luckiest get to attend UOG.

1. You make it a daily duty to see what the cannon is looking like.

whether its the confusing…

the crazy…

or the just plain adorable.

Via Puppies in Training Page.

2. You have been told many times that there is a proper way to approach guide dogs… But you still get too excited and do it wrong every time.

3. Aggie Jackets. As far as the eye can see.

4. You know that Darla is the best chemistry student UOG has ever had.

5. You have seen at least one person wipe out on the death trap, that is an icy Johnston Green.

6. With that, you also know that any class in War Memorial is bound to be your worst grade…

7. You know that Franks is full of under age girls.. and over aged men…

8. You have accepted squirrels as a part of the student body.

9. Overheard at Guelph is your source of entertainment for random pictures and ridiculous fights.

10. Trivia at Brass Taps is more stressful than finals

11. Pep rally was one of your favourite memories of frosh week in first year.

12. You know that if you’re selecting your classes on the last day… you’re more than likely going to see this..

13. You have questioned at least once why you didn’t go into engineering after walking by all the warm bodies in Thorn while its negative twenty outside..

14. You know better than to think Aggie Pub.. is indeed a pub..

15. You know trying to find a black person is like trying to find Waldo..

…. if your a boy you also know how easy it is to get a girl. That 7 to 3 ratio works in your favour.

16. Thursdays are the nights you most likely black out.. Who says no to dollar beers at Trappers?

17. CHEM1040, ruining first years lives since 1964.

18. You are already prepared for the farm jokes that you get every time you go home. Yes. We have a large agricultural population. No. That does not mean we ride cows to class.

19. The free drunk bus.. because after paying tuition who really has money for cabs?

20. The competition the first week back to school to get the cheapest books off The Cannon.com … because who actually uses the book store?

21. You know that the only feelings online labs will bring are anxiety and desperation.

22. Guelphs food being ranked #1 … helping freshmen gain the fifteen happily

23. Since you are surrounded by some of the nicest people on earth, it is not uncommon to find compliments around the library..

….. and suckers…

.. and of course, the combinations of both food and compliments.

24. You will never think of south as ‘south’… It will forever be remembered as The Dirty South.

25. You know that no matter what - you would rather step in shit at Guelph, than sleep with it at Western!


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