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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Organizers, Here's 5 Things You Need To Do Before September 30

    Yes, the end-of-quarter push is over. But if you don't do these things before the next one rolls around, you'll regret it.

    It's the beginning of July - for a lot of folks, that means time for BBQs and backyard picnics. For those of us who work in politics, it also means we've just survived another end of quarter filling. Here's how we felt on June 30th:

    And when midnight rolled around:

    So what now? Your supporters/donors/general list is all like:

    And your friends are tired of having to make this face

    every time they invite you out.

    So here are five easy steps to recover like a least until the next end-of-quarter rolls around.

    1. Say thank you. To your email list, your friends and family, and anyone else who helped you get through the long hours (aka the barista at Starbucks).

    2. Do something fun.

    On a personal level, this may look like


    or even

    We won't judge, we promise.

    But for your organization, this may look more like


    3. Do some long-term planning.

    That way, you don't go into the next end-of-quarter like this:

    4. Keep people updated on your goals and plans.

    Sometimes, that looks like

    and sometimes like this

    but either way, people appreciate the updates.


    5. Get ready for the next round, because before you know it, you'll be back to

    By Sara Langhinrichs, NGP VAN family member and part of the AARP Social team

    Sara Langhinrichs is a member of the NGP VAN family and is a social media strategist/writer/editor who spends too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Currently part of #AARPSocial, with past lives at the DNC, Obama '12 campaign, and Center for American Progress. Loves cupcakes, corgis, and gifs.

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