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20 Things That Need To Exist ASAP

C'mon — it's the 21st century already!

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1. A WiFi network that wirelessly charges your phone when connected to it.

Fox / Via

2. Pre-set buttons on your remote control, including a pizza delivery button.

20th Century Fox

3. A shower with a built-in timer that prevents you from wasting water.

Paramount Pictures

4. Also, a pre-set constant temperature on showers and bathtubs so that it’s always the same when you use it.


5. Oh, and some waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers with buttons to change the songs would be nice, too.

Screen Gems

6. A law that says you have to pay extra for any food that you’ve ordered but didn’t eat so that we avoid wasting so much food. The money could go to food banks or charity organizations connected with world hunger.

Disney Channel

7. A mandatory alert on any kind of social media that reminds you every two hours to stretch and take a five minute break.


8. An airline that, once a year, lets you pay for your plane ticket with voluntary work instead of money.

Universal Pictures

9. Glasses that don’t fog up.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg / Via

10. A highlighter that fades away after some time so another person can use the same book to study.


11. An app that sends pre-set texts on pre-set dates, e.g. on your parent’s birthday.


12. A treadmill that plays your favorite TV shows, but only if you run fast enough.

13. Emergency vending machines in airports — selling underwear, toothbrushes, shoes, razors, t-shirts, etc.

14. An undo button in elevators.

New Line Cinema / Via

15. An app that allows you to take a picture of an actor/actress while watching a movie or a TV show and quickly answers the question, “Where the hell do I know him/her from?!”

Warner Bros.

16. A “none of the above” option on election ballots.

17. Ice cream that doesn’t melt.

18. A movie that, depending on how most of the audience in the cinema reacts to the first ¾ of the film, plays one of three possible endings.


19. Spotify for college textbooks — you pay $30/academic year and it lets you access all the textbooks for your classes online.


20. Speaking of books, how about a book that gradually introduces another language, something along the lines of A Clockwork Orange, so by the end of reading it you improve your foreign language skills?

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