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10 Very Good, But Little-Known Films Featuring 10 Famous Actresses

Not only blockbusters deserve your attention!

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1. Emma Stone - Unlikely Hero (2009)

Myles Aronowitz / Via

A failed writer with an imaginary friend forms an unlikely friendship with a teenage girl. He acts like a kid, she teaches him how to be an adult. Also, Kieran Culkin’s character is really creepy.

2. Kristen Bell - The Lifeguard (2013)

Screen Media Films / Via

A successful reporter quits her job in New York City, returns to her hometown and starts working as a lifeguard. She soon becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a troubled teenager. Don’t look for Veronica Mars sass in this one, but be prepared for tears. Lot’s of them!

3. Angelina Jolie - Foxfire (1996)

Rysher Entertainment / Via

Five teenage girls become friends after beating up a teacher who has sexually harassed them. Although the bond between them grows strong, things soon get out of control. Featuring - Angelina Jolie’s bowl haircut. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s a great film!

4. Helena Bonham Carter - Conversation(s) with Other Women (2005)

Fabrication Films / Via

A couple meets at a wedding reception and their infatuation soon turns into a night of remorse. This film uses split screens like you’ve never seen before. Bonus - Olivia Wilde makes a quick, drunken cameo.

5. Natasha Lyonne - All About Evil (2010)

Fog City Pictures / Via

A mousy librarian inherits her father’s beloved, but failing old cinema. To save the business, she decides to go on a killing spree, turning the murders into a series of morbid short films that quickly gain popularity. A perfect mockery of horror films, just in time for you to watch on Halloween. Prepare for lot’s of blood and ridiculous one-liners.

6. Penelope Cruz - Don’t Move (2004)

Dogwoof Pictures / Via

A woman living in the middle of a construction site becomes romantically involved with a well-off physician. It’s an excellent psychological commentary on abuse and unfulfilled love. Make sure you have lots of tissues with you! Also, Cruz speaks fluent Italian in this film - is there something she CAN’T do?!

7. Laura Prepon - Karla (2006)

True Crime Investments LLC / Via

Based on real events, this film is a story of Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka, who kidnapped and murdered three young girls in Canada. This film is worth watching just to experience Prepon’s most ridiculous hair-do of the late 80s. One thing’s for sure - Misha Collins was born to play a serial killer.

8. Chloë Sevigny - Hit & Miss (2012)

AbbottVision / Via

This mini-series follows the life of a transgender assassin, Mia, who travels to North England to seek out her ex girlfriend. This might be the best portrayal of a transgender character in the history of television (except for Laverne Cox of OITNB, obvs). Intriguing, thought-provoking, beautifully shot. Also - very British.

9. Olivia Wilde - Better Living Through Chemistry (2014)

Occupant Entertainment / Via

A boring life of a small-town pharmacist gets completely out of control when he starts a drug-ridden affair with his top customer, Elizabeth, who slowly convinces him to commit murder. It’s incredibly funny and deliciously awkward.

10. Lisa Kudrow - Kabluey (2007)

Whitewater Films / Via

Salman comes to help his sister-in-law take care of his nephews while Salman’s brother is off fighting in Iraq. This film is a humorous commentary on what happens to the families of those, who fight for our country. It also features a big blue guy in a costume and shows Kudrow can also be a great dramatic actress.

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