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    • Newvideoaz

      I personally could care less about the technicalities of copyright law. If a person is trying to put themselves forth as a candidate for anything, I want to understand how they think and act. That’s where this type of plagiarism is germane. if you want to lead via ideas, YOU had better have those ideas. Cut and paste from a smart writer at a think tank -and allowing it to pass for one second as your own writing is demeaning and cynical. It says to me, “I want the gig and I’m willing to cut and paste - or more likely, hire others to cut and past for me - to appear to be smarter than I am in order to get it. I thought Mr. Paul’s “brand” was supposed to be “authentic outsider” - now it appears it’s actually nothing more than “typical politician.” Added to his whispered hot mic gaffe talking to Mitch McConnell earlier paints him as just another self serving pol like nearly all the rest. Bummer.

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