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Who Are Circada 3301?

Pure speculation. Evidence of a secret society.

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Clues from Pastebin:

Presence: a Left-Hand Path religion, disguised as a progressive scientific organization.

Members: military officers, diplomats, and academics who were dissatisfied with the direction of the world.

Aim: human evolution to a superior level on par with Nietzsche's Übermensch ideal.

Knowledge depth and breadth

Previous tasks: Required a knowledge spanning multiple disciplines. This would coincide well with the notion of l'uomo universales aka Universal Man, an ideal who is well-read in a range of subjects. Say, cryptography, classical music, speculative fiction, legendary poetry, natural sciences, ancient history, primitive symbology, computer science....

They say: they are looking for high IQ individuals but clearly they also account for the likes of creativity, grit and adept flexibility. Nowhere did they say genius.

Evidence suggests: they're recruiting polymaths, the creme dela creme of intellectual prowess.

The Hidden

The occult is synonymous with hidden knowledge, granted to a chosen few capable of wielding their power. There is security through obscurity. If you think this sounds like a cult, you are correct.

Knowledge is power = Scientia potentia est

Subjects formerly considered supernatural e.g. cosmology, are now firm fixtures in modern science. The symbols used to calculate the "motion of the stars" are equations in astronomy and the methodical quests of alchemy are modern chemistry.

The uncannily strange feature of the past task requirements is a focus on the occult, but the clue linking aspirational morality and scientific endeavors make for intriguing connections.

Blood ties

The origin of the saying 'Knowledge is power' is the illustrious Francis Bacon. If anyone would know, it'd be the creator of the modern scientific method. Curiously, Bacon was connected in life and remains a fixture of occult membership theories. Plenty of history's Great Scientists had connections to the occult.

"The Last Magician"

was a nickname for Isaac Newton, who remained celibate his entire life and made a valiant lifelong effort at forming a Philosopher's Stone. I mention this because celibacy is a feature of certain religious practices.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

Unusual emphasis on the G? One centuries-old theory for man's unusual ancient knowledge are non-human teachers, whether in the form of Nephilim, angelic giants of The Abrahamic Bible or benevolent extra-terrestrials.

Absolute power

The notion of open information is a truly modern one. Most experts would agree the general population cannot handle certain truths about the world and alien life is the oft-cited proof. There would be chaos if a hint of genuine sentient alien life were confirmed. Books were primarily expensive in the olden days because those in power wanted a premium on information which could allow the commonfolk enough learned injustice at their situation to revolt.

Hierarchies were circulated of deference and respect for each place in society, backed by promises of reward for fulfilling one's duty in Heaven.

Modern parallel: Security and information technology.


The triumvirate power is considered superior to singular.

Three parts: Christ, God, Holy Spirit.

The first triumvirate of three powers was the union of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus.

Or in the case of Circada: Military, Diplomacy, Scholarly

What about Übermensch?

You're right to be concerned. Epitomized by Frankenstein, also named The Modern Prometheus, literature has shown the folly of fabled attempts to dream of improving on man's nature and the downfall as it only enticed our worse selves.

The term was coined briefly in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and followed the fictitious travels and speeches of the founder of the religion Zoroastrianism. The protagonist exhibits frustration with the present systems of the world.

The religion has been linked to occult metaphysics and The Cult of Mithras, who shares substantial narrative in common with Joshua the Christ.

What would be the prime scientific goal to further humanity?

Some transhumanists (use of technology to further human ends) would argue pressing for extended lifespan up to complete immortality. It has its roots in the humanism of the ages of renaissance, primarily The Italian Renaissance and The Scientific Enlightenment.

The Immortal Count

This is a polymath who went/goes by the name Comte (Count) de Saint Germain. He has popped up in history enough times to merit the label Time Lord, every time claiming to be an alchemist. He was so beloved no one considered his pronouncements as proof of the crime of witchcraft. Ordinarily, he'd be written off as mad, were it not for his prodigious unexplainable skill in various fields.

We know: he was well-travelled, cunning at matters of national secrecy (he played spy once or twice) and impressive with the stunning savoir faire of a Universal Man. He composed classical music and possibly saw the future.


Occult groups emphasize the magic of transformation, hence the trials and initiation rites and so forth. Transformation is also a mathematical term for superficial changes which connote the same meaning and the genetic term for cell changes over organism lifespan.

The Ancient Egyptian symbol of this was Khepera, visually a scarab beetle. The name means "he who comes forth", referencing the behavior of the young to hatch spontaneously when they feel their environment is ready. Much like Circadas.


is the cardinal virtue of these organizations. Words of power created reality (spells).

Pictured: the scholar Thoth, the ruler Horus and the god of the dead, Anubis. The beast Devourer Ammit awaits the verdict.

Military. Diplomacy. Scholarly.

Which Agrippa?

We know the clue Agrippa, the Gibson poem (writer of the classic transhumanist tome Neuromancer) but the selection is odd.

What about Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, famed occultist?

What about Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, famed Roman General used as a character by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra?

What about Herod Agrippa II, last of the Herodian dynasty named opposition to Jesus in The Bible?

Or the mythological Agrippa, grandfather to the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus?

Why a moth? Where is this going?

It cycles back around in typical motif fashion.

The Hawaiian creation myth from the Polynesian pantheon features darkness (deep internet), hatching moths and a worldwide search for a superior man, a great Chief to rule over the world. Grandiose as you would expect from expansive minds.


Known for their eccentric approach to morality and orange and blue (incomprehensible) trains of thought, where better on the surface net to attract the attention of potential Left-Hand pathers?

The Left Hand path is historically synonymous with the occult yet it carries the ambitious expression of rebellion and departures from traditional structures.

But who are they?

They wouldn't be called a secret society if we knew.

It's unlikely we'd know the name, logically speaking.

Here's some candidates to ponder: Anonymous, UN, Royal Society, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, New World Order, Freemasons, Club of Rome, government agencies et cetera.

Who are you? How do you know all this?

I'm a polymath (clearly) and I'm well-read on fucktons of pertinent subjects.

I have no idea who these people are but I felt like putting these connections in the public domain in case they help someone.

It could be a game or a recruitment campaign or a secret society.

The former two bore me. Anyone asking you to prove your intelligence in a way which benefits them is overtly using reverse psychology. If it works, you're unworthy.

However, the blind conformity of following secret instructions to a cult-like society does not compel me to Look Under the Duck as so many of my internet brethren are doing. You need not worry about competition from me.

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