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Mega Zoomable Photograph Of Tokyo Is Mega Awesome

1 photographer + 2 days of shooting + 4 months of editing = super awesome zoomable map of Japan.

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Photographer Jeffrey Martin spent two days shooting and four months editing to create this incredible panoramic picture of Tokyo. It's 600,000 pixels wide and would be 50 metres by 100 metres if it was printed out photo quality paper. But the awesome doesn't stop there. Thanks to a bit of tech, this amazing map is also zoomable.

You can find loads of things, like this dude taking a picture from his balcony

Pretty neat huh? Go on. Have a go. You're bound to find something within seconds of spinning around.

Like this past out guy

Be quick to see this one. Martin said he might blur him out soon.

Be quick to see this one. Martin said he might blur him out soon.

Or these girls that are dressed identically and dancing to All the Single Ladies... we presume

Or this plane... it's there. Promise

Pretty crazy right? In an interview with io9, Martin told them that 'his goal in creating massive images has always been to extend the limits of human perception'. Well, he's definitely done that.

The image is in no way perfect but it's pretty darn close. But, you know, it's always fun pointing out kinks in the machine so here are some that have been spotted already:

This car that borrowed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak but didn't realise it was a couple sizes too small

And this ghostly woman

This woman who lost her shadow to Peter Pan

These identical twins walking their dog

So go on. Try it for yourself. Click here and share your findings.

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