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43 Perfectly Timed Pictures

Sometimes it's skill. Sometimes it's luck. But every single time, it's pure genius.

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1. Obama proved that the sun shines out of his... hands

2. While across the pond, Prince Charles got a different kind of handful

3. Buddha demonstrated how insignificant your complaints about sitting near a baby on your last flight is

4. So does Jesus

5. Now he's just mocking you

6. But don't worry, the sun will always smile down on you

7. And the moon will always have your back

8. Unless it's being an over achiever

9. Like these fashion forward guys

10. Or this headless woman

11. Or this statue who just can't miss

12. Like this kid who completely hit target

13. And these guys who totally scored

14. Unlike these dudes

15. And this guy who missed the memo on regulation ball size

16. Which really annoyed this guy

17. And brought the devil out of this guy

18. And made this ref doubt his position

19. Speaking of doubts... these birds think they're a dolphin

20. And these flamingos think they're a goose!

21. But the all powerful manatee will set them straight

22. Though he doesn't know what to do with this beast the defies nature

23. Or this drain that sees all

24. Or this duo that just want to freak people out

25. But he's thankful for this woman who knows how important it is to bond with nature

26. And this little girl who isn't scared of anything

27. And this woman knows that a hotdog should never go to waste

28. But he's mostly thankful for love

29. Which can hit when you least expect

30. Even when people try to defy gravity to impress you

31. I mean, they'll literally walk on water for you

32. But sometimes, people don't know how their aggressive flirtation can be terrifying

33. I mean, even if you're a man eater, you have to play it cool

Especially when the people around you constantly troll you no matter what

34. It's important to be the bigger person

35. And know that when lightning strikes...

36. And it will strike

37. It'll be magical

38. And hot

39. But sometimes embarrassing

40. But you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride

41. And you'll be able to blow your own trumpet just like this picture

42. Because everything will line up perfectly

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