If Seth Cohen And Blair Waldorf Dated On A TV Show

Every fangirl’s dream.

In case you haven’t heard, Upper East Side’s resident Queen B is rumored to be dating California’s most lovable comic book geek. Yes, I am talking about Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen (aka, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody). It’s like Josh Schwartz created a real-life episode of young love in an alternate universe. Their on-screen characters are arguably the least compatible pair you could put together, but let’s all collectively rejoice over this amazing possibility.

Here is a well thought-out (JK) storyline of Seth and Blair’s adolescent romance, as told by Gossip Girl and The O.C. GIFs.

2. It all starts when Kiki throws some extravagant party with the Newpsies.

3. Seth Cohen hates everything about it and would rather play with Captain Oates.

4. But then in walks Blair Waldorf, the rich young socialite from the Upper East Side.

5. And Seth is all:

6. She seems so fun and carefree.

7. So he goes in for the intro.

8. And things turn south real quick.

9. But it was love at first sight, and now he suffers a broken heart.

10. Meanwhile, Blair is head over heels for bad boy millionaire, Chuck Bass.

11. But he’s always trying to impress his dad and finds excuses not to be with Blair.

12. So while Seth continues to awkwardly swoon:

13. B takes her frustration out on her minions.

14. And orders them to plan a scheme to win Chuck’s heart.

15. From a distance, she sees Seth, and BAM. A light bulb flickers on.

16. Screw her entourage, she’s got this in the bag. Blair convinces Seth to stage a kiss in an attempt to make Chuck jealous.

17. And Seth is all:

18. She makes the deal, disgusted by the lengths she has to go to for love.

19. He makes a more extreme suggestion on how to proceed:

20. And B does this:

21. But she’s got her eyes on the prize, and it will be worth it.

22. They head to the Empire Hotel and hide in the lobby, waiting for Mr. Bass to arrive.

23. When C’s spotted around the corner, they go in for the kiss.

24. And she shot him this look:

25. And Chuck was all:

26. And deep down, Blair was like:

27. This was a moment oh manhood for S.

28. But B was like:

29. And Seth goes to bed alone.

30. Later that night, Blair goes to a swanky fashion party with her BFF Serena.

31. And Chuck steals a kiss from the Queen of the MET steps.

32. But then she sees Seth’s smile in her peripheral, and realizes she’s falling in love with him.

These shows move fast, okay?

33. So she runs to her white knight.

34. And he reveals he’s Gossip Girl.

It makes just about as much sense as Dan Humphrey.

35. B’s smitten.

36. So they get married.

37. xoxo, BuzzFeed.

All GIFs found via tumblr.

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