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    25 Dogs Bundled Up For Winter

    Grab your blankets, jackets, and boots — it's cold outside!

    1. This dog that's pretty in pink.

    2. This dog with curly chest hair.

    3. This dog that's wearing a hat far too large for its body.

    4. This dog that looks incredibly warm.

    5. This dog rocking red booties.

    6. This dog that has a flair for flannel.

    7. This dog that appreciates high boots.

    8. This dog that makes blue look so good.

    9. These dogs that are smart enough to protect their ears.

    10. This fashion-forward pup.

    11. This dog that enjoys rainbow-like wardrobe.

    12. These dogs that needed an extra coat of fur.

    13. This dog that takes strolls in the snow.

    14. This dog that is just straight-up cold.

    15. This dog that has fabulous shoes.

    16. This adorable hot dog with a super-cute yellow sweater.

    17. This daring corgi.

    18. This dog that likes blankets.

    19. This dog that wins all cuteness awards in life.

    20. This little pug that bought a scarf.

    21. This fluffy pup with matching attire.

    22. This dog wrapped in a blanket.

    23. This dog that's not afraid to mismatch.

    24. This dog in a onesie for chilly nights.

    25. This dog that loves Paul Frank gear.

    BONUS: Jiff the Pomeranian bundling up.