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    22 Ways To Celebrate Movember Without Growing A Mustache

    For the ladies and gentlemen who still shave.

    As you may know, November is the designated month for men to grow some serious 'staches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Although this is a lovely gesture, women don't really get to participate (unless they're single cat ladies). Also, some men look more creepy than dapper when attempting to let the facial hair take over.

    And so we conclude with various ways to celebrate Movember:

    1. Lip Balm


    Perfect for the season, too.

    2. Party Picks


    The only way to eat hors d'oeuvres.

    3. Sandwich Cutters


    Be the coolest kid at lunch.

    4. Bandages

    5. Dog Toy


    This is just too awesome.

    6. Man Size Mustache


    This is very intense.

    7. Corkscrew


    The manliest way to open a bottle of wine.

    8. Keychain

    9. Batstache

    10. Shower Curtain

    11. Disguise Glasses



    12. Hipster Mustache


    Don't see how this is hipster, but I'll roll with it.

    13. Magnets

    14. Pacifier


    Totally getting this for my future child.

    15. Outlet Stickers

    16. Cookie Cutters

    17. Ice Cube Tray

    18. Drink Markers


    Now you'll always know which glass is yours.

    19. Pencil Topper


    I would never concentrate on my work.

    20. Lollipop


    Can't imagine this is good...

    21. Mug

    22. Drinking Game