20 Amazing Snow Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

Just a reminder that there are some incredibly talented people in the world.

1. This train that may as well be the Hogwarts Express:

Because it’s magical. Get it?

2. A beautiful Orthodox Church:

3. These wonderful Pegasi (or whatever you want to call them):

4. This very famous father:

5. A terrifyingly large tribute to Davie Jones:

6. This woman with awesome hair:

8. Some classic Disney characters:

9. A patch of pine trees:

10. This fairy tale book you were in the middle of reading:

11. This worldly scene with lots of stuff:

12. Some prehistoric dinosaurs:

13. A cool building with an ombre:

14. A pair of ice skates:

15. The residences of Bikini Bottom:

16. Lady Liberty, dressed in white:

17. Mr. Gangnam Style himself:

18. Just your average beach bum:

20. This badass captain:

Conclusion: People are awesome.

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