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10 Road Trip Destinations Every American Should Visit

There's something amazingly thrilling about hitting the road and seeing where life takes you. If you aren't sure where to start, these classic American tourist destinations are a must-see for every family. Hop in your fuel efficient Sports Utility Hybrid and let life take you there!

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1. The Pacific Coast Highway

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This 135-mile stretch of highway between San Luis Obispo and Monterey is one of the country's most peaceful drives. Pull off at one of the highway's many scenic overviews and admire the Pacific Ocean.

2. The Grand Canyon

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Over a million years ago, the Colorado River carved this awe-inspiring canyon into the Arizona desert. Rightly so, Grand Canyon National Park has some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in the entire United States.

3. New York City

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The city that never sleeps is rich in amazing culture and never short of something to do. Visit landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Times Square, or avoid the bustle of tourist traps all together and pop over to Brooklyn for quirky flea markets and trendy dining.

5. Niagra Falls

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Niagra Falls National Park in Niagra Falls, NY is one of the most unbelievable waterfalls in all of the United States. Take a boat tour of the falls' basin, then pop on over to the neighboring town of Buffalo for some chicken wings right from the source.

6. Las Vegas / Via Disfruta Las Vegas

This kitschy oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert is a major travel destination for tourists all over America. Unfortunately, the kids are better left at home if you're planning to enjoy Vegas' all-day night life.

7. Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park (the world's first national park) boasts thousands of miles of hiking trails, over 300 geysers and one of the world's largest petrified forest.

8. San Francisco

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There's plenty to do in the unique West Coast city of San Francisco. Visit the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge, take a tour of the famed prison Alcatraz and check out the sea lions that frequent Fisherman's Wharf. Afterwords, head to Chinatown for some great food and Haight-Ashbury for vintage shopping.

9. Key West

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The 150-mile ocean drive from Miami to Key West on Highway 1 will have you feeling like you're floating on water. The best part is Key West's beaches await you -- and they're some of the prettiest in the whole country.

10. Hollywood

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Home to the stars, Hollywood, California has beaches, sun and the bustle of a major city yet somehow still feels laid back. Take in the touristy Walk of Fame, shop on Melrose or hike to the Observatory at the celebrity-frequented Griffith Park.

With added fuel-efficiency, safety and affordability, Sports Utility Hybrid makes amazing road trips possible. So, which American road trip destination have you been wishing you could visit? Tweet or Instagram your dream destination with the tag #takemethere to let us know!

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