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  • 5 Ways To Spell Jay Z

    When news broke that Jay Z was dropping the hyphen from his name, it came as a bit of a surprise. Sure, he’s gone through his fair share of nicknames, but he’s never asked the press to adhere to a name change like Diddy or Snoop Lion (now Snoop Zilla). Here are five subtle name changes he’s experimented with through the course of his career. — Ronald Metellus

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 08/30/2013

    With every day creeping closer and closer to The Matrix, it is only a matter of time until…wait, that’s not too bad! With luck, you might even get to be Neo, somehow flying and wearing sunglasses that went out of style in 1996. But in reality, the world is no Utopia right now, with stresses in the fast food industry all the way up to nations. News Genius: smoke one for Spitta!Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 08/23/2013

    Will we ever have a week where something in every single sector of news, sports, and politics avoids a shattering scandal? Probably not. Thankfully, nothing is as obvious as it seems, which is where News Genius comes in. As long as bias, subtext, and outright lies continue to make headlines, the need to break down the realities becomes more apparent. News Genius: listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” at a reasonable volume - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 08/16/2013

    Egypt is falling apart again. Ashton Kutcher is playing his own holy trinity, living as Steve, Ashton, and Chris all at once. Orson Scott Card is typecasting America as a dystopian hellhole. And RGIII is calling out his fellow players and Christians to respect the LGBTQ community. What tops it all? News Genius: God Hates Fracks! EditionGavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 08/09/2013

    Now that the threat in the Middle East has been eliminated (of course by drone strike), we can all return to quiet baseball and news, right? Wrong - this week featured the suspension of 13 MLB players, including Alex Rodriguez, and Sanjay Gupta’s sudden support of marijuana research and medical use. Meanwhile, the entire world sport system has ground to a halt, thanks to Russia. It’s a cold world out there, and everyone seems to be getting a bit more frosty. News Genius: Steroid free since ‘93Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 07/26/2013

    When DJ Khaled announcing a fake proposal to Nicki Minaj is a big story, you know that the media climate has shifted. With news of the NSA long forgotten and Snowden again vilified, Khaled’s appearance is not surprising. Still, J.Cole’s apt apology and Jay Z’s (no hyphen!) remarks on race and President Obama more than made up for it. In the end, we’re all heading for methane death anyway. News Genius: CNN, will you marry us?Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 07/19/2013

    While the Zimmerman trial dominated the news, leaving an embarrassing stain of fear-mongering and annoyingly pervasive reporting on “news” networks the country over, culture and politics kept trucking. From Detroit’s bankruptcy to Rolling Stone’s insensitive marketing, offense was in the air. Still, music stayed its usual self, highlighting Alice Cooper and FILA’s lifelong partnership with rap’s elite. News Genius: we don’t want no scrubs either - they can’t get no love from usGavin Matthews.

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 06/28/2013

    With DOMA and Prop 8 struck dead (reminding only of Judy Garland), civil liberty news flooded the media, highlighting some of the best, and worst, elements of society. At the same time, the sports world celebrated the NBA draft and reacted to the arrest of Aaron Hernandez for murder. In tech, Rap Genius founder Ilan Zechory broke down the company, while all three founders shared the pitch that led to investment. News Genius breaks down the five Quotes of the Week. News Genius - Knock knock! Who’s there? Good taste. - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 06/21/2013

    Welcome to summer! While government scandals and new issues with the NSA, FBI, and even NASA continue to flood in, stories have emerged across the spectrum. In the entertainment world, “chef” Paula Deen casually dropped the “n-word” and Thelonious Monk’s tips surfaced again, while in politics, anti-gay Exodus International apologized and closed its doors. Kanye even got into the mix with a highly political new album. News Genius: can the drummer get some? - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 06/14/2013

    Once again, news of the United States’ mass violations of civil rights, guided by the NSA, stole the show. Still, stories in the sports, music, and international relations world reached critical mass, sometimes managing to even overshadow PRISM. From Brandon Phillips’ grand slam to Disclosure’s apology for a faked DJ set, the world turns even with government spying. Here are the News Genius Quotes of the Week for 06/14/2013, currently being logged in a server somewhere in Fort Meade. News Genius: tamiflu, powder, dirty bomb, weapons gradeGavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 05/31/2013

    As tensions loom in Syria and storms roll across Oklahoma, the cycle of news continues to pump out new, exciting, and often troubling stories. The week of May 31st, 2013 brings firsts in the sports and technology worlds, beside reductions in hate speech in cyberspace and increases in violent rhetoric abroad. To make sense of it all, News Genius (at its new home, breaks down the story, connecting fact to words and exposing the unbiased reality. News Genius: meat + news. Meatnews. - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 05/24/2013

    If you somehow missed the week of May 24th, 2013, you overlooked some of the biggest stories of the 21st century. From massive acquisitions, questionable “Double Irish” tax evasion, and the welcoming of atheists by the Vatican to a nine year old’s passionate speech and the extraordinary declaration by Eric Holder on drone strikes, every story was critical. Keep your US citizenship close and your tax reports closer: it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Here are the News Genius Quotes of the Week for May 24th, 2013. News Genius: subject to drone strikes. - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 05/17/2013

    The week of May 17th, 2013 pits IRS scandals with phone hacking, Kanye West, stem cells, and David Beckham, leaving shocking news for every type of person. Though West’s ranting on stage is nothing new, the retirement of Manchester United’s legendary player beside a partial meltdown of the United States’ bureaucracy is perhaps even more chaotic than the already tumultuous spring. Here are the News Genius Quotes of the Week for May 17th. News Genius: We’ll never retire. Or be cloned. Maybe. - Gavin Matthews

  • News Genius Quotes Of The Week, 05/10/2013

    In yet another week of insanity and far-reaching events, News Genius is back to break down the Top 5 quotes of the week, spread across sports, science, law, and international affairs. In the week of May 10th, Charles Ramsey became an internet celebrity, President Obama had a historic meeting with President Park Geun-Hye and dissed North Korea, and Daniel Snyder of the Redskins served as a reminder of the worst in all of us. News never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to critique it. News Genius: WE, TOO, CAN WRITE IT IN ALL CAPS.

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