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10 GIFs From Our Visit To Taco Bell's Headquarters

We got to go where no band has gone before...

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1. First, we danced all over their lobby

You gotta make an entrance!

2. Here's Soren's attempt at breakdancing

How about that foot clap at the end?!

3. These floors were made for windmills!

^That's our drummer Louis. It's the only move he has.

4. Then, they gave us CINNABON delights


5. And smoothies


6. And then they let us make our own tacos!

(Or salad)

7. Would you eat David's creation? "The Green Mean Lovin' Machine"

It's supposed to be really healthy ;)

8. Louis put a little too much hot sauce on his!


9. And Soren used allll their napkins

Gotta keep the hot sauce off the guitars!

10. It was sooooo good.

You should've been there! Watch it all here.

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