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  • Nevada Highway Patrol corruption, dash cam tampering & retaliation - The Mike Weston story

    On June 19, 2005, Weston was run off Interstate 80 near the Keystone exit in Reno by two vehicles traveling at extremely high speed. When he returned to the road, he soon came upon a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser on the shoulder of the highway. Its driver, Officer Edward Bowers, had stopped a large pickup truck and was in process of issuing a citation to the truck’s driver. Weston stopped his car behind the trooper’s cruiser. After waiting at least three minutes to observe the officer’s situation and to determine that the officer was not engaged in a threatening scenario, Weston approached Bowers to report that he had just been run off the road by two reckless drivers who posed a clear and present danger to other vehicles. Significant dialogue discussed during this exchange is not included in an audio-video tape as played during Weston’s trial; this proves that evidence was altered to undermine truth. The tape was shot by a camera onboard the NHP cruiser. Moments later, Bowers recognized Weston as a person who had previously criticized him. Bowers’ focus shifted to Weston being a critic and he, Bowers, indicated no concern with Weston’s close avoidance of what might have been a fatal accident ~ nor with the clear and present danger to other vehicles posed by the two speeding vehicles Weston reported to him. Without issuing a warning to Weston, as mandated by law, Bowers issued a citation to Weston for “obstructing and delaying a peace officer”. The audio-video tape mentioned above proves that Bowers did not issue a warning as required by law. Weston was fully cooperative with Bowers; the tape documents this. On August 19, 2005, Weston found himself in a kangaroo court with “Judge” Fidel Salcedo presiding. During this scenario Weston was victimized by editing of the audio-video tape, complete with a doctored timestamp, and by Officer Bowers lying under oath (perjury). TIME STAMP IRREGULARITIES DISPLAYED ON ORIGINAL TAPE Hour 5 Minute 11 Incident begins Minute 10 Minute 09 Does not display Minute 08 Minute 07 75 seconds Minute 06 55 seconds Minute 05 15 seconds Minute 04 68 seconds Minute 03 45 seconds Minute 02 25 seconds Minute 01 55 seconds Hour 4 Minute 59 40 seconds Minute 58 15 seconds Minute 59 Displays again / 40 seconds / Different content Minute 57 85 seconds Minute 56 70 seconds Minute 55 25 seconds Minute 54 55 seconds Minute 53 23 seconds Minute 52 95 seconds Minute 51 Does not display Minute 50 80 seconds Minute 49 40 seconds Minute 48 40 seconds Minute 47 55 seconds Minute 46 40 seconds Minute 45 Does not display Minute 46 25 seconds Minute 45 Does not display Minute 44 25 seconds Minute 43 55 seconds Minute 42 25 seconds Minute 41 Incident ends

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