18 Superlatives From Our Nevada Road Trip

The best, biggest, spookiest, and strangest things we ran into while in Nevada. Thanks to all the kind locals who shared stories, facts, and laughs with us along the way.

1. Most Unexpected Roadside Sights: Packs of Wild Burros

The signs warned us they would be there, but we were so surprised when we actually spotted them. Cuties!

2. Tallest Alien: Along the ET Highway

Who knew alien spotting would be so easy? Check out the rest of our ET Highway journey here.

3. Warmest Natural Phenomenon: Hot Springs

See more on our post about Warm Springs, a ghost town with a huge (and forbidden) natural hot tub.

4. Best Cocktail: The Lava Letch at Frankie’s Tiki Room

5. Most Exciting Bathroom: Happy Burro Chili & Beer

Just remember, no double clutching.

6. Most Badass Town Moto: “Tonopah, Home of the Stealth”

7. Most Incredible Sunset: This One, On The Road To Pahrump

8. Most Uncomfortable 10 Minutes: The Free Tour at Sheri’s Ranch

Thank you, Mandi Love!

9. Most Adorable Playmates: These Guys

See more of the awesome animals we met at ‘Roos-n-More in our full post from there.

10. Most Beautifully Spooky Hotel: The Mizpah Hotel

Read more about the hotel’s ghosts here.

Our ghost hunting app went totally crazy near the elevator that the Lady In Red supposedly haunts. Spoooooky.

11. Largest Firecracker: The World’s Largest Firecracker

12. Most Colorful Landscape: The Valley Of Fire State Park

See more here.

13. Biggest Win At The Penny Slots: Dane, At The CasaBlanca in Mesquite

14. Most Interesting Museum: The Central Nevada Museum

It features taxidermied animals, tools from the mining days, vintage electronics and some artifacts from the nearby air force pilot training base. And it’s free to boot.

15. Most Delicious Steak Dinner: Our Meal At The Pahrump Winery

Goes without saying that the wine was pretty great, too!

16. Coolest Bar Decorations: The Secret Project Patches At The Little A’Le’Inn

See more pictures from The Little A’Le’Inn.

17. Sweetest Font In Downtown Vegas: The Plaza

18. Most Likely To Have Gotten Lost On The Way To Burning Man: This Car Outside of Goldfield

See ya next time, Nevada!

This was our super reliable ride, Pat the Patriot. It took us through narrow winding mountain roads and long stretches of snowy highway with no problems. Thanks Pat!

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